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Stag film The French Maid (c. 1959).

George Harrison Marks (6 August 1926 - 27 June 1997) was a British glamour photographer specializing in nudes. He was also the original publisher of the spanking magazine Kane (Harrison Marks Publications) and the creator of a number of spanking films.

In the early 1960s, Marks also directed some of England's first nudist and "nudie cutie" exploitation films.

Film loops[edit]

Marks began, under the name Kamera Productions and Kamera Cine Films, making non-pornographic nude stag reels for the home movie market. From 1960 to 1968 me made around 140 silent 8mm film loops (ranging from 50 to 200 feet in length). These showed busty women doing striptease acts or appearing in whimsical situations where they undressed before the camera.

A few of the latter films explored BDSM themes. Perchance to Scream (1967) and The Lash (1968) involve captive girls who are chained up in a medieval dungeon and whipped. Macabre (1968) features a leather-clad dominatrix who whips a male slave. And 1 & 2 Make 3 (1968) is about two girls in leather who encounter a violent intruder. Some of these recreated scenes from his full-length movie Pattern of Evil.

By the late 1970s he was selling Super 8mm spanking loops (100ft in length) in Janus magazine. An issue from 1977 promoted four of his titles, Whiplash, Bottoms Up, Flagellation, and Hot Ass, for £12 each.

Feature films[edit]

Marks expanded on his basic concept of combining beautiful nude women with fantasy scenarios for a series of exploitation films. The first was Naked as Nature Intended (1961), a nudist camp romp that was typical of the period. This was followed by the episodic historical fantasy The Naked World of Harrison Marks (1965).

His next film, Pattern of Evil (1968), had a darker S&M theme and controversial explicit sex scenes. This was made to compete with the "roughie" sexploitation films being made in America. This film, which appears to be lost, was banned in the UK. It was released in the U.S. in 1971 as Fornicon.

Marks returned to nudie-cutie comedies for The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969) and Come Play With Me (1977). His preference for photographing and filming large-breasted women led to his being dubbed "The English Russ Meyer".

Spanking magazines and videos[edit]

In 1979 he worked as a fetish photographer for the spanking magazine Janus. In 1982 he left Janus to create his own magazine Kane, described as "The CP Journal of Fantasy, Fact and Fiction for Adults."

In 1987 he produced and directed a 9-minute spanking film for Janus called Warden's End starring popular actress/model Linzi Drew. The film shows the outside and inside of the Janus storefront office on Old Compton Street, London. (See video)

He also created the Kane International Videos division and went on to direct (and sometimes also perform in) a number of corporal punishment videos in the '80s and '90s.

The spanking video producer Top Marks (listed on Clips4sale as Kane's Top Marks) appears to be affiliated with Kane magazine and was most likely created by Marks himself. He appears in the two-part Spanker's Paradise (1992). His wife, Josie Harrison-Marks, plays a headmistress in the Top Marks/Moonglow co-production, The Housemaster's Duty.

Selected list of videos:

  • French Maids Flogging (1994)
  • Naughty Schoolgirls Revenge (1994)
  • Rawhide (1994)
  • Whip Tricks (1993)
  • Maidens in Uniform (1992)
  • Spanking Academy of Dr Blunt (1992)
  • Spanker's Paradise (1992), Harrison Marks, distributed in the U.S. by Bizarre Video
  • Spanker's Paradise 2, aka The Rules of The Game (1992), with Marks and English porn star Vida Garman
  • Stinging Tails (1992)
  • Just Desserts (1991)
  • Kane Assignment (1991)
  • Warden's End (1987), video
  • Mandy Bait (Kane International, 1986)
  • Cane & Mr. Abel (1984), first video with sound
  • Air Hostess (1981)
  • The Gym Lesson (c. 1977, complete video)

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