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Harmony Concepts is a spanking company that produces DVDs, streaming videos, and photos of bondage (including bound men) tickling, foot fetish, and spanking. The company, located in Van Nuys, California, was founded in the late 1970s. It is managed by Robert and Jamie Harmon, both of whom also direct some of their videos.

The majority of their products are devoted to bondage fantasy scenarios. They are against violent and misogynistic content. A statement of their philosophy is posted at their website:

The materials we produce are carefully and, we think, obviously designed for men and women to whom bondage is an important mutual diversion, a recreational and benevolent experience, a fantasy with a happy ending, a good-natured game in which everybody wins.


Many well known fetish stars have appeared in Harmony's videos such as: Alexis Payne, Kiri Kelly, Ashley Renee, Jacqueline Omerta (founder of Pacific Force), Tanya Foxx, Jewell Marceau, Stephanie Locke, Bobbie Tawse, Star Chandler, and Sharon Kane. Former porn star Greta Carlson, using the alias Allison Brach, was featured in several videos playing submissive roles.

Chelsea Pfeiffer appeared frequently as a disciplinarian and also directed many videos. This experience led to the creation of Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, where she writes, directs, and stars in her own CP video productions.

In 1987 Brian Tarsis became the art director and editor for Harmony's flagship magazine Bondage Life. He also wrote, directed, and edited two bondage videos every month. It was here that he met his future wife Chelsea Pfeiffer (who was also directing and performing). A few years later Tarsis went on to direct over 150 videos for House of Milan (HOM Inc.) and London Enterprises.

The Irving Klaw legacy[edit]

Harmony has also gone to great lengths to keep the spirit of fetish pioneer Irving Klaw alive in a series of videos that pay homage to his films and photos from the 1950s. Klaw was the first director of bondage and spanking film-loops, most notably with pinup icon Bettie Page.

Unforgettable: Irving Klaw, narrated by Sharon Kane, is a fictional documentary set in 1951 at Klaw's New York studios.

Other films include: Remembering Irving Klaw 1 & 2, Kloset Klaw and Lingerie, Immortalizing Klaw: A Tribute by Greta von Scorn, Indoor Outdoor Klaw, Klaw! Beautiful Bondages - Perfect Ties, and Irving Klaw, Again...

Selected filmography[edit]

  • Alexis' Bondage Encounters (1994) - Alexis Payne
  • Ashley in a Bind (1992) - Alexis Payne
  • Ashley's Bondage Challenge - Ashley Renee
  • Ashley's Web - Ashley Renee stars and directs
  • Ballgagged and Sponge-gagged (1993)
  • Beauty of Bottoms Up (1996) - directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Bound Maid (1996)
  • Chelsea Spanks Angela - Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Chelsea Spanks Lira - Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Desire and Submission 1 & 2 (1994) - Alexis Payne
  • Disciplinarian (1994) - Alexis Payne
  • Fifi The French Maid (1993)
  • Five Fractious Maids (1994)
  • Harem Nights - Tanya Foxx, Greta Carlson (as Allison Brach)
  • Irving Klaw Again... (2004), Dee Williams
  • Is This The Spanks We Get? (1993) - Alexis Payne
  • Jailhouse Spank (1992) - Alexis Payne, Greta Carlson/Allison Brach
  • Juliette's Birthday Spanking (1995) - Jacqueline Omerta
  • Kelly's Pink-cheeked Reveries (1996)
  • The Knotty Maid - Star Chandler, directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Knotty Secretaries (1995)
  • Lashed In Latex (2004)
  • Maid To Be Naughty (1999)
  • The Misadventures of Sweet Gwen (1999), Chelsea Pfeiffer's homage to John Willie's Sweet Gwendoline comic.
  • Mistress Stephanie Locke (1992) - Sharon Kane, Stephanie Locke
  • Mistress Stephanie's Secretary (1992) - Stephanie Locke
  • My Maid Maria
  • Naughty Neighbor (1992) Kiri Kelly, Alexis Payne, directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer, video
  • Ponygirl Pays The Price (1995) - Stephanie Locke
  • Red Rumped Roommates (1993) - Alexis Payne
  • Red-handed and Red-bottomed (1994) - Alexis Payne
  • Red-handed and Red-bottomed 2 (1995)
  • Remembering Irving Klaw 1 & 2 (1998)
  • Return of the Spanke Shoppe (1999) - Jewell Marceau. Stacy Burke
  • Secretarial Seduction (1994) - directed by Star Chandler
  • Secretaries in Trouble (1998) - Bobbie Tawse
  • Sister Spank (1997) - directed by Star Chandler
  • Spanke Shoppe 4 (1994) - Tanya Foxx, Star Chandler, Kelly Nichols
  • Spanke Shoppe 5 (1995) - Kerri Downs
  • Spanke Shoppe 7 (1995) - Jacqueline Omerta
  • Spanke Shoppe Audition (1996)
  • Spanked Secretaries (1994)
  • Spanking After Hours (1995)
  • Spanking Cheek To Cheek (1997)
  • Spanking Pact (1995)
  • Spanking Within a Spanking (1996) - directed by Star Chandler
  • Spanks for the Hospitality (1993) - Alexis Payne
  • Spanks for the Memories 1 & 2 (1994)
  • Switching Spankings (1995) - Greta Carlson
  • Switching Spankings 2 (1995) - Ashley Renee
  • Tanning the Temps (1998) - Chelsea Pfeiffer stars and directs
  • Tennis Anyone? - Tiffany Storm, Angella Faith
  • Thank You Mistress (1995) - Alexis Payne
  • Triple Threat - Alexis Payne
  • Velma and Clarice - Alexis Payne, Allison Brach
  • What Are Friends For? - Allison Brach, Ashley Rene

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