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Externally hosted image on Handprints: George Jackson Churchward #2
Spanking drawing by George Jackson Churchward.
Note: This article is about a website. For other meanings, see HP.
A Web Site Devoted to Old-Fashioned Discipline of Make-Believe Children.
  — HandPrince

Handprints is the world's biggest free web gallery of girl spanking art, founded in 1999. Its webmaster is HandPrince (sometimes spelled "Handprince", "Hand Prince" or "HP"). Handprince himself doesn't draw or paint, except for image revisions, but is the author of a number of girl spanking stories and spanking verse.

The site contains girl spanking art in mainstream comics (such as Little Audrey, Little Dot, Little Iodine, Nancy and Li'l Jinx), girl spanking drawings by various artists (as of November 2021, 264 galleries), girl spanking animations, girl spanking stories, spanking jokes, spanking poems, and a collection of links.

Since December 2015, you can embed external images from Handprints into this wiki using Template:Handprints.


Handprints was originally hosted on Yahoo! Geocities. Due to its great popularity and Yahoo!'s restrictive bandwidth limitations the site was often temporarily unavailable for viewing. In or before 2007, Handprints moved to a different server — first called dawnoffreedom.com, then thehandprints.com, hosted by Anime OTK — and its availability greatly improved.

In 2015, the site suffered a crash and was rebuilt using an outdated backup. It took several weeks until it was fully restored on 25 December 2015.

On 18 October 2021, the Handprints site was blocked in the UK by several British Internet service providers (ISPs). As of 14 November 2021, six ISPs have unblocked Handprints while 5 ISPs were still blocking it.

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