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A Halloween themed artwork.

Occasionally, the subjects of Halloween and spanking are found combined, although Halloween, unlike Easter or Christmas, is one of the Western festivals that otherwise have little or no folkloristic spanking traditions.

Still, Halloween can provide a nice setting for a spanking story or spanking video. The costumes worn for Halloween make for nice variations from ordinary clothing. Traditions like trick-or-treating allow for children to ring the doors of strangers, kids or teenagers can be found breaking laws, or rules set by their parents, for example regulating the dispensing of collected candy.

Halloween costumes are usually low-price and come in all kinds of characters, from pirates to sexy French maids. They can be also used for erotic roleplaying, which can include consensual spanking play. In addition, Halloween, Carnival, and costume parties are occasions where adults can wear sexy or fetish costumes openly in public.

Spanking stories[edit]

Spanking videos[edit]

Halloween party spanking compilation.

Top 10 sexiest Halloween costumes.
  • Dangerous Halloween: Prologue (Part 1) & The Expulsion of the Succubus (RoughManSpank)
  • French Maid Canes A Police Lady (Miss Sultrybelle), photos
  • Lacy In Wonderland (Amateur Spankings), punished for slutty costume.
  • Latin Spanking Halloween Party – Diablita Fresita (Latin Spanking)
  • Madison vs Chloe Elise at Halloween (My Spanking Roommate), photos
  • A Nightmare on Palm Street: Halloween Spanking Film (Disciplinary Arts), inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street, ghostly Freddy Bruiser uses his paddle hands on neighborhood girls.
  • Nikki and Ashley Spanked for Bullying (Spanking Sorority Girls), photos

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