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Like many on the scene, I've "always" been interested in [spanking]. I have clear memories of my 4-year old self smacking the bottoms of girls in kindergarten and/or wishing I got my own smacked—I was still confused at that time! As I'm convinced that many of our feelings, passions, and even ideals are hard-wired into us as a result of evolution, I wonder what evolutionary advantage spanking could have... someone should write a doctoral dissertation on this and put an end to the debate already!

  — Excerpt from Interview with Haley Brimley

Haley Brimley is the webmaster of Down in the Den, a free spanking story site that hosts his stories and those of authors he enjoys. He is from Southern Europe and is a proflic author with over 40 stories, some of which are serials. His stories span the genres and pairings alike. In 2008, Haley was interviewed for this wiki and the interview can be found here: Interview with Haley Brimley.

Haley has written in collaboration with other spanking authors including: Christy, Tia O'Connell, Lawrence Kinden, and Breanna.

Haley archives his stories at fictionpress.com as well as at his own website Down in the Den.

Selected bibliography[edit]