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Hal (also known as SFPo8 (San Francisco Poet?), J....S...., and JSanon) is an author of spanking stories and spanking verse.

He had numerous postings of The Spanking Corner. Most of his stories take place in the first person from the viewpoint of "Hal", a young boy living in the 1940's and 1950's.

Hal was a regular poster to the alt.sex.spanking and soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroups. He also posted to alt.parenting.spanking, taking what some considered a generally pro-spanking tone but intended more as opposition to posters who excoriated parents for their actions. Another poster there, angry at his postings, uncovered personal identifying information about Hal, and threatened to post it unless Hal ceased posting to APS. Eventually this dispute escalated so that "outing" information was posted to SSS, until the moderators banned the address being used to post it. As this was not an action contemplated by the SSS charter, much dispute ensued, resulting in Hal ceasing to post, and Laura Werner resigning from her position as the SSS technical moderator.


There is also an artist named HAL who did rendered spanking art (F/f, vintage scenes). This is not the same person.