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Top view of a black ebony hairbrush.
Reverse view of the same.

A hairbrush (also spelled hair brush) is not only good for brushing the hair, but also popular as a spanking implement. The implement is stereotypically used in domestic spanking contexts such as a parent punishing their children, in cases where a harder punishment than a hand-spanking is intended. It is commonly the implement of choice for some parents, as it is easy to access and hurts more compared to a regular hand spanking.


From Ms. Holly Beats the Slut (Southeastern Woodshed).
Schoolgirl hairbrush spanking (photo by Asa Jones, 2022).

The spankee's bottom is spanked with the flat or slightly rounded back of the hairbrush, which should be even and smooth. Traditionally, wooden hairbrushes are used for spanking; however these days often a plastic one will have to do (though these are far less 'effective'). The hairbrush is similar to the following implements: bath brush, clothes brush, wooden paddle, and wooden spoon.

Due to its relative weight, a hairbrush works fairly well on a fully clothed bottom, but a bare bottom, of course, will further intensify the punishment.

For variation, also the bristled side of a brush can be used for spanking. If the bristles are stiff, they will leave a dotted pattern on the skin, but they can also pierce and break the skin, a type of injury that is better avoided because bacteria and other pathogens enter the body whenever a non-sterile object pierces the skin. Spanking with the bristled side is therefore considered unsafe play. This also especially applies to brushes with metal bristles (with plastic tips).

For further variation, the brush can be used in pauses of a spanking session to brush over the skin, which greatly sensitizes the nerves.

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