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Hair pulling encompasses all scenarios in which a person's hair is pulled.

In a fight[edit]

Hair pulling is a technique when two people get into a physical fight and want to hurt their opponent. Stereotypically it is found especially in fights among children and women.

In punishment and domestic violence[edit]

Hair pulling and ear pulling: drawing from Das Bad am Samstagabend by Wilhelm Busch (1868).

As a technique for light corporal punishment, an authority figure takes hold of a handful of their charge's hair and pulls it, causing pain on the scalp without actually tearing the hair out. The person can also use that grip to force their charge to walk, stand up, sit down, etc. It is similar to ear pulling, but more associated with violence. Hair pulling is common in domestic violence.

A humorous cartoon cliché is that of a caveman dragging a woman by her long hair after having beaten her over the head with a big club.

Erotic hair pulling[edit]

Hair pulling is also a popular form of light kinky play. Many people love to have their hair pulled during sex. Hair pulling is also popular in BDSM play.

As a gesture of despair[edit]

Pulling one's own hair.

Pulling one's own hair is a gesture of stress or despair in many cultures. The action can perhaps be explained as an attempt to muffle an intense sudden emotional suffering by causing a sharp but non-harmful physical pain to divert one's attention.

As an impulse control disorder[edit]

Trichotillomania, also known as hair pulling disorder, is an impulse control disorder characterised by a long term urge that results in the pulling out of one's hair. This occurs to such a degree that hair loss can be seen.

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