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Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
A group of children spanked at school. Drawing by Sassy Bottoms.
Artwork by Euticus (2016).
Artwork by Euticus (2016).


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
A group of Penitatas paddled at school. From Jade growing up again, 'Back to School, by Palcomix.

A group spanking is a punishment in which a group of people (that is, three or more) receive spankings. These spankings can take place either simultaneously or in succession, generally in the same place (room), and typically all more or less in the same manner.


Typical scenarios for a group spanking are when a group of children or teenagers are caught together doing the same mischief, in a setting where they are all subject to corporal punishment. Such a group can be for example pupils in a school, boarding school or convent school, children in an institution such as a reformatory or orphanage, at a place like a summer school, or in a youth organization such as the boy scouts or girl scouts. In a private home it could be a group of siblings or close friends. In spanking fiction we also find further domestic scenarios for a group spanking, such as a child and their friends who disrespect the house rules during a sleepover to a degree that warrants a spanking, or a coach spanking their team.

Scenarios for a group spankings of adults might include young adults undergoing school corporal punishment, prison corporal punishment, judicial corporal punishment, or BDSM scenarios where a master or mistress punishes a group of submissives or slaves.

A slighly different possible scenario is that of collective punishment. In this scenario, only one of the group has committed an offense, but the guilty person is unknown. Opon questioning the group does not reveal their identity, and therefore the person in authority decides to punish everyone in the group.

But a group spanking does not necessarily need to be deserved at all, such as in the nursery rhyme There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, in which the old woman whips (i.e. spanks) all of her many children soundly before sending them to bed, apparently for no other reason than that she couldn't handle so many children any other way. Another example of undeserved group spankings would be fraternity or sorority initiation rites with a group of pledges.

Finally there is also the scenario of a group of people self-spanking or mutually spanking another.

Group spanking techniques[edit]

In the simplest case, there is one spanker who announces that everyone in the group will be spanked, and then spanks one of the group after the other. This can, for example, take the form of the spanker lining up the spankees in a row, then making them individually come forward to be spanked, for example in the classic OTK position, while the others can watch.

Another technique is to line the spankees up in spankable position, such as standing bent over or bent over suitable furniture such as a row of school desks, instructing them to hold still. The spanker can then approach them from behind to deliver spanks to the whole row of cheeks presented.

A further method is to use assistants to control the group and/or the spankee whose turn it is. A variation of this method is to use members of the group themselves to play the role of these assistants.

Yet another method is to have two spankers, or as many spankers as there are spankees, which allows a simultaneous group spanking.

With spanking machines[edit]

There are also fictional spanking machines in which a group of spankees can be spanked at once.

In spanking art[edit]

Group spankings are often found in spanking art and spanking literature, and occasionally also in mainstream literature. A few further examples in spanking art:

In spanking videos[edit]

Group spankings of adults are also very often found in spanking photo sets and spanking videos. In this genre, usually the spankees are all of the same gender, either all female or all male, and either have their bottoms bared or are completely naked for their spankings. Filmmakers are creative in finding new spanking positions for this genre, as can be seen for example in the videos of Lupus Pictures.

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