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The First Steps - Τα Πρώτα Βήματα, painting by Georgios Iakovidis (1853-1932).

A grandparent is the parent of one of a person's parents.

As every person has two biological parents, a mother and a father, biologically (and also often in practice) he or she has four grandparents. The two female grandparents are called grandmothers and the two male grandparents are called grandfathers:

  1. the mother of a person's mother -> maternal grandmother
  2. the father of a person's mother -> maternal grandfather
  3. the mother of a person's father -> paternal grandmother
  4. the father of a person's father -> paternal grandfather

In practice however, not all of these may still be alive. Besides, a child's parent or grandparent may remarry after being divorced or widowed, which can result in non-biological (step-) grandparents.

Grandparents in spanking[edit]

A grandmother spanking her (adolescent or young adult) granddaughter. Drawing by Jim Black.
A grandfather spanking his granddaughter. Artwork by Mame (2019).

In traditional domestic spanking, spanking stories, and spanking roleplay that is based upon such traditional discipline, a grandparent is not uncommon to spank his or her grandchildren.

A grandparent, particularly a grandfather, is often the head of an extended family, and as such is in a position to administer spankings. In other cases, a grandparent may serve as a particularly authoritative babysitter, or in other in loco parentis roles.

An example of a grandmother/grandson spanking scene in film is featured in the 1969 American drama film Midnight Cowboy.

Also given the saying "grandchildren are the grandparents revenge on their own children.", grandparents can be either the mastermind or co-conspirator to childhood mischief teaching the grandchild tricks that the parent had pulled on them that parietal exasperated them, or even pranks from the grandparent's childhood that the parent failed to reinvent. This can be overtly helping the child pull off the mischief or covertly by simply telling the child family history to plant the idea in the child's head. Or given it said to be grandparent's precognitive to spoil the grandchild, gift partially obnoxiously noisy toys.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Grandad's Girl (Fetish Fantasy Clips Zone, 2020), spanking and hardcore sex.

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