Grace Brackenridge

From Spanking Art

Grace Brackenridge (sometimes known as Dr. Grace) is a female author of spanking stories. Most of her stories claim to be a blend of fact and fiction, so she may have had real life spanking experiences as a child. She posts the majority of her stories in Yahoo! groups (specifically the spank_fiction group), but also has 1,539 of her stories archived at the Library of Spanking Fiction (as of July 2011). She has also posted several entries to the 2004-2006 Summer Story Contests in the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. She is a very prolific writer, sometimes submitting as many as 3-4 stories per week.

Grace's stories typically involve disciplinary spanking between adults and children of all types, both male and female. In some of her stories, the spanking is semi-consensual to satisfy the curiosity of a normally unspanked child. Some of her stories feature older teenagers and have sexual overtones. She also has written some dark and edgy stories that describe severe physical and emotional abuse.

Her first volume of spanking stories, entitled The Spanking of Teenage Daughters, has been published by LSF Publications.