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"Spanking" a thief in a U.S. military prison (1879).


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Artwork by Pastel.

The grabbing-ankles position is a spanking position that is a variant of the bent-over position. The spankee stands free (at a position in the room directed by the spanker), bends over and grabs his or her ankles. This causes a sharp bend at the hip and a position where the spankee's head is lower than his/her buttocks. In hatha yoga, the same posture is known as forward bend or Uttanasana.

The spankee's knees can be straight (this is considered the ideal, if it is not too uncomfortable), or slightly bent. The spankee's legs can be kept together or as wide apart as the spanker orders. For male spankees, his legs should be kept together, as otherwise his testicles might be accidentally hit by a low stroke.

This position is not good for lengthy spankings, as the spankee's blood will rush to his/her head. It is traditially used for canings that are short but severe, such as the proverbial (UK) "six of the best".

If a heavy spanking implement such as a wooden paddle is used, the spankee may have difficulty keeping his/her balance in this position.


  • The touching-toes position is practically the same, only here, the spankee is touching his/her toes instead of grabbing his/her ankles.
  • In the hands-on-knees position, the spankee's hands are placed on his/her knees, which is a position more comfortable to assume and hold.


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