Go to your room

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Jinora sent to her room to wait for her dad.

Go to your room is a parental command to send a child to their bedroom often in exasperation.

At a first glance this phrase appears to be be issues a short to middle term isolation punishment by confining the child to their bedroom away from the rest of the family. However it can be seen as a pre-punishment cool-down time instead, or a parental time-out except with a respect your elders variation that requires the child to give the ground.

As an isolation punishment it is weaker a time-out because the majority of a child's toys will be in their rooms and they can engage in solo play.

However if this phrase is amended with and wait for me it usually means a punishment — or at least a private talking too — ·in a praise in public, chastise in private style. This can both be form of pre-punishment cool-down or just the first step in a preparation for spanking ritual.

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