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Girls Boarding School is a spanking video producer and a pay site focusing on (adult) "schoolgirl" spanking photos and videos (M/F and F/F). The site is in English, nearly all of the performers are British, but a German company processes their orders.[1] In addition, the Custodian of Records is at Nettles Corporation in New York (most likely for legal reasons due to censorship issues in the U.K.).

Site contents:

Membership costs $29.95 per month.


Girls Boarding School has a large stable of in-house performers, listed by their first names only, who work exclusively for the company.

There are also a few well-known British spanking actresses, such as Linda, Lisa, Amelia Jane Rutherford (listed as "Lucy"), Dreams of Spanking owner Pandora Blake (as "Paulina"), and American actresses Abigail Whittaker (credited as "Abi"), and Kailee Robinson (as "Christine").

Spanking videos[edit]

Titles featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford as Lucy:

Titles featuring Pandora Blake as Paulina:

Titles featuring Abigail Whittaker as Abi:

  • Abi's Confession: 24 Belt Strokes in Lunge Position - Lunge position, photos
  • Abi's Confession: The Cane & Real Tears - photos
  • Abi's Confession: The Leather Paddle
  • Abi's Confession: Long and Hard OTK, Hand & Hairbrush - photos
  • Abi's Confession: Pure Humiliation - humiliation theme
  • Abi's Confession: The Thin Rattan Cane - Angle 1
  • Abi's Confession: The Thin Rattan Cane - Angle 2 - photos
  • Abi's Confession: The Wooden Paddle - photos
  • Final Severe OTK
  • Hold Her
  • In The Morning - photos
  • My Pantyhose
  • New Resident Abi - Initial Interview, photos
  • New Resident Beverly
  • No Swear Words - cursing tale
  • Not Mine - paddling, photos
  • Worst Case - photos

Titles featuring Kailee as Christine:

Misc. Titles:


  1. Wulfram called it "A -mostly- English spoken German site" and the site's Terms of Use & Policies show a German Payment Processor.

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