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Girls Boarding School is a spanking video producer and a pay site focusing on (adult) "schoolgirl" spanking photos and videos (M/F and F/F). The site is in English, nearly of the performers are British, but the company address is in Germany.[1]

Site contents:

Membership costs $29.95 per month.


Girls Boarding School features several well-known spanking actresses, such as Linda and Lisa. American actress Kailee (using her "Christine" alias) can be seen in Voluntary Spankings, Sunday Rules, Nude at Daylight, The Shoplifter, My First Day, and Sober Again.

Dreams of Spanking owner Pandora Blake (under the name "Paulina") appears in New Resident Paulina, OTK for Paulina, Private Rooms, and Bad Manners.


  1. Wulfram called it "A -mostly- English spoken German site" and the site's Terms of Use & Policies show a German Payment Processor.

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