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Note: This article should actually be named f/f. However, for technical reasons, articles in this wiki can't begin with a lower case letter. Therefore, the alternative lemma girl/girl was chosen.

Illustration by Georges Topfer.

f/f is an abbreviation used in spanking art to signify an artwork or story that features a minor female spanker and a minor female spankee. In other words, a girl spanking a girl. It could be, for example, a girl spanking her playmate, another girl from her school, her sister, her cousin, et cetera. For younger girls, play spanking may come as part of a game of "house" or "school" where an older child will play the role of the spanker (mommy or principal or teacher) and spank the others when they are "naughty". Although this is roleplayed F/f, in reality it is f/f.

f/f is girl spanking art.

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