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A girl is a female human child. When a girl grows up, she becomes a woman.

A girl is the sister of her siblings, the daughter of her parents, the granddaughter of her grandparents and the niece of her uncles and aunts.

Girls who attend school are called schoolgirls.

In practically all cultures, girls are raised in some respects differently from boys. There are cultures where girls are treated more strictly than boys. They are (officially or unconsciously) expected to be more respectful, diligent and obedient than boys. But there are also other cultures where girls enjoy greater liberties than boys.

Stereotypical attributes[edit]

Spanking girls[edit]

In most places, whenever children are spanked, girls are spanked less hard than boys of the same age because parents and guardians assume that girls are more sensitive to punishment and pain.

Spanking art that features girl spankees is called girl spanking art. Linked to the gender of the spanker, popular sub-categories are M/f and F/f.

Other uses of term[edit]

  • Young women are often called girls, especially in erotic commercial advertisements.
  • In modern usage, 'girl' simply refers to a simple friendly monosyllabic way of referring to females.
  • It can be used to refer to female threats
  • Much like 'baby' it can be a romantic term of endearment
  • It shows up in a lot of songs that clearly do not refer to minors, but rather, vibrant mature adults such as "Promiscuous Girl" or "This One's For the Girls"
  • It also shows up in songs like "Young Girl" by Gary Pluckett where the term 'young' is used as a modifying adjective, which implies that if it were not used, 'girl' would not imply young, thus reflecting that in common slang and usage it no longer refers to kids or children as it used to, though older or more sophisticated speakers still use it this way.

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