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The MF/f spanking scene from Gidget's Gadget.

Gidget is an American television series (sitcom) that was first aired 1965-1966, starring Sally Field. The series ran for just one season.

The series is based on the character Gidget (the prototypical beach bunny) created by Frederick Kohner in his 1957 novel Gidget, The Little Girl With the Big Ideas. The novel was made into a 1959 film, Gidget, which spawned several sequels. The TV series was created when the surf culture "Beach Party" film genre was at the height of its popularity.

Two episodes with spanking scenes[edit]

In episode 5, "Gidget's Gadget", Gidget is spanked by her elder sister Anne and her husband John for meddling in their marriage. The girl is bent over the back of the living room couch (facing the camera) for her spanking. Her dad is present and watching. A rare example of a man and woman giving a simultaneous spanking. The humorous irony of the dual spanking is that Gidget had been promoting "togetherness" events for Anne and John throughout the story. This episode can be watched on YouTube (spanking scene at 4:00 mark).

In episode 14, "Gidget's Foreign Policy", Gidget has two Swedish house guests, Gunnar (Walter Koenig) and Inga (Brooke Bundy). The key moment in the story occurs when Gunnar loses his temper and takes the spoiled and petulant Inga over his knee. He whacks her with his hand about a dozen times. Most of this happens off camera as Gidget listens to the commotion from the kitchen. (Trivia note: in the 1968 western film Firecreek, a half-naked Brooke Bundy narrowly escapes a belt thrashing from her mother.)

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