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Warning: some of the external links in this article contain sexually highly explicit material. Do not follow these links if this might offend you.

Gay spanking art is erotic adult spanking art made for gay (male homosexual) clientele. Gay spanking art is usually M/M (maledom/malesub), but there is a lot of M/M spanking art which is not in this genre, so the two terms must not be equated.

Typical characteristics of gay spanking art (drawings or rendered art) are:

Examples of artists who created gay spanking art (drawings or rendered art) include C.G., Cavelo, Copper, Damon, Darrien, Franco, Heredia, Jonathan, Julius, Nigel Kent, Malqatta, Matt, Mitchell, Roscoe, Rummel, Spryte, Taco, Tom of Finland and Turquine. Some of these artists also do other pairings of man spanking art or boy spanking art, such as F/M, M/m, and F/m.

Gay spanking literature[edit]

Erotic male-male spanking stories can be found, for example, on the Male-Male Spanking Archive.

Gay spanking comics were created by artists such as Jonathan and Stephen (Etienne).

The following erotic adult spanking magazines are male-male:

Gay spanking videos[edit]

The following producers specialize in adult male-male spanking videos:

Links to evaluate:

Gay spanking clubs[edit]

The following spanking clubs address a male-male spanking clientele :

The clubs listed here usually also organize and/or host events such as spanking parties. Some of these clubs don't call themselves 'gay' but 'male-male' to also address straight men who are into male-male spanking.

Gay spanking personals[edit]

Besides the above mentioned magazines and club's websites, these are sites for personal ads for male-male corporal punishment: