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60s-style spanking-themed 'advertisement' featuring the Glory Bee character.

Gauis Marius (a.k.a. GM, Blackshade9, ChanceBlacktown, Midnight68 and Simon Kirby) is an amateur cartoonist, animator and game designer specializing in spanking-related comic strips and animations, focusing on girl spanking art (M/f and F/f). Working in a variety of different styles, he is the creator of several spanking-oriented strips, including Glory Bee, ("America's Naughtiest Girl") Selina the Moon Girl, Miho-Chan and Victory Girl.

In 2007, GM branched out into adult-oriented anime games, the first of which, Gomen Nasai, was made available for free download through the Spanking Art Wiki on 13 October of that year. Utilizing photoshop CGI and a simple point & click play function, Gomen Nasai was the first of a series of freeware games employing GIF animations and original characters (examples of which may be viewed in the galleries below).

In 2008, GM produced several short animations featuring his OCs. These experimental cartoons are roughly 60 seconds in length, shot mainly in sepiatone and based on old-school anime of the 1960s. While not exclusively spanking-oriented, one of the clips features several brief corporal scenes involving F/f participants. Examples of GM's experiments (Ikusa no Yukai) may be viewed at his download site.

In 2010, Marius began combining much of his earlier material under a single title, Kogaru Diaries. Functioning as a shared continuity, Kogaru Diaries covers a range of anime genres such as Maho Shōjo, joshikosei, bishoujo, senshi and lolicon. The launch of a related discussion board sparked considerable controversy on the wikisphere, leading to GM's permanent expulsion from Wikimedia Commons. The precise reasons for the ban are unclear, as no specific policy was violated.

As of 2011, GM has been active on both Fetish Fuel Wiki and The Artistic Forum, where he has provided numerous illustrations for independent use. His line art templates have been employed by a number of fellow contributors, including Alina and JJ Chay. Plans are underway to create an "Artastic Wiki" dedicated to adult art and fiction.

Despite his prolific contributions to the online spanking community, Gauis Marius remains a highly controversial figure due to his unwavering support of free speech and extreme opposition to digital censorship.

Lainsbury Press[edit]

Cover of a ficticious work of spanking fiction

Lainsbury Press is one of a number of fictitious companies invented by Simon Kirby to scam the rubes publish his numerous manga/comic pastiches. According to this faux history, Lainsbury was a small-time British operation specializing in spanking fiction. Titles included such gems as Freshly Smacked Bottoms, Spanked on the Panties, Nieces in Knickers, and the ever-popular Panty Flashing Schoolgirls. A subdivision of the company distributed transgendered versions of the same stories, retaining the spanking content while catering to a more "sophisticated" audience. Covers featured monochrome line drawings embellished with lurid captions ("They were spanked all the way through high school - some more than others!"), stories tended to be unoriginal, poorly-written and mediocre - in short; a fitting tribute to the Great British Spanking Pulps of the 1960s.


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Sketches and line art[edit]

Virtual art gallery[edit]

Screenshot of the Gauis Marius art gallery.

To honor the artistic accomplishments of Gauis Marius, his contributions to the Spanking Art wiki, and his generous free licensing of original artwork, Spankart created a virtual art gallery in October 2007 that exhibits Gauis Marius's work. To enter the gallery, you first need to download the 3B browser. After installing the 3B browser, click the following link to visit the Gauis Marius art gallery.

Personal details[edit]


Gauis Marius:

  • Holds five graduate and post-graduate qualifications from three different universities.
  • Is a published art theorist in his home country.
  • Has travelled extensively throughout the far east teaching English in four different countries.
  • Published comics in Kathmandu during the late 70s (and was never paid).
  • Illustrated several high school textbooks during the mid-eighties.
  • Managed to wrangle his way through seven years of higher education without paying a cent in tuition fees by exploiting loopholes in the system.
  • Appeared mostly nude in several student films (and again was never paid).
  • Underwent psychological evaluation for a gender reassignment programme and was turned down.
  • Was once asked to remove several paintings from a public exhibition due to the controversial nature of his work.
  • Is an ardent supporter of gay, lesbian and transgender rights.
  • Has sold illustrated fiction to various fetish magazines.
  • Is an outspoken critic of corporal discipline IRL, believing that any adult who strikes a child should face criminal charges.
  • Was singled out by Wikipedia Review during the Boy Scout Controversy.
  • Has been described as the "biggest nerd on teh internets" (sic) due to his fanboy-level knowlege of Spanking in comics.
  • Freely admits to the extensive use of reference materials and creative tracing in his artwork - "just like every other great artist in history".

Memorable quotes[edit]

GM is well-known for his ongoing (and often vitriolic) clashes with critics, trolls, and other people he considers has questioned his artistic integrity. A few selected examples (expletives censored):

F***ING MSN!!!
  — responding to the deletion of the Glory Bee e-group by MSN.
So - don't like loli? THEN F*** OFF!!
  — Inviting discussion on the subject of lolicon at Shoujo Imageboard.
Art is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE. Kiss my ASS, Wikia!!!
  — commenting on the premature closing of the Spanking Art Wiki.
Glad to see (that) Youtube supports free expression all the way down the line - THE PR*CKS.
  — Commenting on the deletion of one of his spanking videos on Youtube.
There is NOTHING inappropriate about this image. Keep your filthy mind out of my gallery, you pervert.
  — responding to accusations of inappropriate content at Deviant Art.
Glory Bee isn't child porn. It's a comic strip about a little girl who runs around in her underwear and gets spanked every five minutes. What's so f***ing pornographic about that?
  — responding to allegations of child pornography at the now defunct Glory Bee egroup.
Look at Egon Schiele. The sick bastard f***s his own sister and he's hailed as an artistic genius. I draw one f***ing spanking pic and everyone calls me a pervert. Where’s the f***ing justice in that?!!
  — Responding to the allegations of perversion at Shoujo Imageboard.
(This video) No longer available. Some F*CKING F*GGOT complained and got the whole channel shut down. Way to go, F*CKTARD: eat SH*T and DIE.
  — Reacting to the closure of his Youtube channel and the permanent termination of his user account.
I've always had my critics, but things have gotten worse since that shitfest a few months back. Guess I'm being paranoid ... but like (I) said earlier, those ****tards can go kiss my ass. If they don't like the artwork, then they should STFU and GTFO.
  — Reacting to MSN's request that he remove certain images from the Red Hot Comics egroup.
The recent Boy Scout Image Controversy demonstrates that in some people's minds, a totally innocuous image of fully-clothed children engaged in non-sexual activities (such as attending a scout meeting) may be somehow transformed into child pornography by simply posting it to this site. Such people are, of course, complete imbiciles.
  — commenting on the boy scout controversy.
Please note that Commons is not censored. Don't like what you see? Then STFU and GTFO.
  — Responding to criticism on Wikimedia Commons, immediately before his artwork was censored by various moral guardians.


Some members of the administration for past and present incarnations of this forum live in a state of paranoia that new registrants might be Marius in disguise.

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