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An example of western children's book style, an anthropomorphic dog spanking puppies.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #195
Spanking art by tugscarebear.

Furry spanking art is spanking art in which spankees, and also often spankers, are furry or kemono characters (fictional anthropomorphic animals based on a mammal).

Furry spanking art is often drawn in cartoon style (or manga/anime style). Often, the spankee is a juvenile furry (babyfur) — for example a bear cub, a puppy or a kitten, who is getting spanked by their parent, teacher, or similar.

Sometimes the characters are drawn furless on their behinds, which makes their bottoms better spankable.


Artists of this genre include:

More furry spanking art can be found on the Fur Affinity website (see link below).

Furry BDSM art[edit]

There is also the related genre of furry BDSM art, which is typically more adult in nature and features furries in bondage, fetish clothing, and similar. As usual, there is some overlap of the genres. Bondofox is an example website, focussing on female adult furry characters in bondage.

Wolf-Mage creates 3D furry BDSM art — spanking in sculpture — (example, example, example, example).

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