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Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #45
F/F spanking drawing by Funbun.

Funbun is an artist who lives both in the Netherlands and New Zealand. He specializes in drawings of women spanking, especially F/F and F/f images with some occasional M/F.

Funbun also writes spanking stories and vignettes to go along with his drawings.


Funbun describes himself as a spanking ‘purist’ and this love of the topic is reflected in both his art and his writing. Many writers in this genre seem to feel obligated to include a wider range of fetishes or overt sexual activity. It is refreshing to find an author/artist that devotes himself wholly to traditional spanking. There is an innocent fun about his work, a sense of playfulness. Although not explicit, there is a deep sexual undercurrent that runs through the scenes and hooks the audience. The drawings have a delightful simplicity, almost cartoon-like. The soft colourings add to their warmth and are giving them the sense of capturing bygone era. This forum is a delight for the spanking enthusiast, a man sharing his passion.
  Rosaleen Young, spanking actress

Funbun's websites[edit]

Funbun used to have a website with a forum at, which has been closed because of 'objectionable' material by a member.

In January 2012, Funbun announced that his artwork can now be found on the Anime OTK site (see link below).

Galleries of Funbun's art can also be found on other sites.