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Playful Spankings, artwork by Rude Rumps.

A fun spanking, also known as a playful spanking, is a spanking given primarily for the fun of both partners, with no punitive and little or no erotic connotations. It is therefore quite different from disciplinary spanking, erotic spanking and sensual spanking.

Playful spanking is common among children, e.g. siblings, friends or classmates, but is also popular among teenagers and adults. Playful spanking is not meant to really hurt, so the strokes are either fairly light or the number of strokes is small. In most cases, fun spanking involves no undressing and no spanking implement - the spanks are given with the palm on the seat of the trousers. There are exceptions however, in which e.g. a bare bottom spanking is playfully enacted.

Folkloristic spanking traditions and spanking in initiation rites are also types of fun spanking, usually.


Fun spankings are often given on birthday parties in the form of ritualised birthday spankings. Fun spankings also often take place at school and in sports, for example after a pantsing or in the form of a towel whipping.

A new form of fun spankings are 'spanking challenges' using Internet video platforms such as YouTube.

Even spankophiles enjoy mere fun spankings with no erotic components, e.g. at spanking parties or as part of spanking games. In playful situations the spankee often converts to a loving "brat", which is often misunderstood as a masochist. Whether the "brat" instigates their own treatment or has lovingly been "set up" by the dominant, the lively submissive adds a certain amount of energy to the setting.

It is also common to take fun spanking photos that are staged, i.e. one person assumes a spanking position and the other pretends to spank him or her, but no actual spanks are given.


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