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Friendlycat (also known as Her Хрюкинд, Ыщ Йынд, Rossignol, and Товарищ Начальник ЗрДР61) is a Russian artist living in Moscow.

He creates promotional posters for an annual Russian Spanking Story Contest, and also illustrates spanking stories in a variety of different styles.

Promotional posters[edit]

Friendlycat's posters promoting the annual Spanking Story Contest (held on the Russian spanking forum Crime and Punishment) are a parody of vintage Soviet propaganda posters of the 1920s-30s. This contest is usually held in November/December and involves Russian-speaking authors from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, USA and the United Kingdom.

Story illustrations[edit]


The following illustrations are from the story Плечевая, written by the artist himself. The title can be loosly translated as "Hitchhiker", but the Russian word Плечевая also means girls who travel with drivers just for sex and fun, not mainly for transportation.

This is the same story told three times. Each time the characters say and do the same things - a young female hitchhiker runs away from the driver and he spanks her. But the first time the girl is traveling to Moscow to become a TV star, the second time she’s a member of a criminal gang, and in the third story she’s a mythical creature sent to Earth to take the soul of the driver. In the end it appears that it doesn’t matter as whatever the reason is, the consequences are defined by God and the human reasoning is of no importance. Naturally the story is illustrated three times in different styles.