Freies Forum für Erziehungsfragen

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Freies Forum für Erziehungsfragen, also spelled in lower case freies forum für erziehungsfragen and abbreviated ff, is the oldest German-language spanking magazine, published since 15 March 1967. The title, translated into English, is Free Forum for Questions of Discipline. The magazine seems to be mainly M/F and F/F. For an explanation of the name, see Erziehung. Freies Forum für Erziehungsfragen played a major role among German-speaking spankophiles especially before the advent of the Internet.

It is a monthly magazine of 64 black and white pages in A5 format, sold (as of 2006) at a price of 9.60 Euro per issue. The magazine is mostly read in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France (Alsace), Belgium (Euphen-Malmedy) and the Netherlands. Its contents is (or was) stories (real life and fiction), a few pictures, and a personals section that was however largely used by pro-dommes.

Among the magazine's publishers are mentioned:

  • Hanns Matthias
  • Internationaler Kulturdienst Verlag
  • Hönscheid-Verlag (before issue 420)
  • ArtPrint-Media Verlag (since issue 420)

In some years (1998, 1999) they also made a special 120-page edition called ff extra, and there is one special edition of 151 pages titled ff Global.

From 1999 to 2006 they had a website at the address That site was given up at the end of 2006. It is not known whether the magazine is still in print.