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F/M spanking illustration by Franco.

Franco (sometimes called Professor Redbottom) is a contemporary artist who specializes in illustrations featuring the spanking of the male bottom by both male and female spankers. This includes both boy spanking art (F/m and M/m) and man spanking art (F/M and M/M).

Franco's spanker characters are typically older, strict looking, disciplinarians appearing as teachers, college professors, coaches, parents, uncles or aunts, and of course, nannies, while the spankee characters are typically Jock, schoolboys, sons or nephews. Mostly, Franco depicts college age male athletes receiving traditional, domestic style, over the knee spankings.

Franco's spanking depictions are not severe, and not usually about "due punishment". Instead, a more tactile aspect is emphasized, so the works are more about the erotic component of the spanking fetish. Underneath the "mask" of duty, these disciplinarians indoctrinate and stimulate their charges with lengthy, peppery spankings delivered in a brisk, unbroken cadence.

Franco is a master of defining form with light and shadow in grayscale pencil drawings. He also does colorized drawings.

Franco's artwork can be described as combining the style of erotic gay art with spanking art. His spankees are typically muscular and often ride with their bare bottoms high, usually in a spread-legs, very humiliating and exposed position, pinioned up and over the spanker's knees.

Sometimes his spankee characters have erections, other times the presence of the erection is merely inferred. Another minor variable in Franco's work would be the depiction of an alternate spanking position without changing the usual "nature" of the Franco spanking venue.

Besides spanking art, Franco also did some works of erotic M/M BDSM art.


The following gallery shows some examples of Franco's artwork: