Forced nudity

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Yes, in front of the girls! by J Tesker (models 18+).
A boy's pants are yanked down to bare his bottom for a spanking. Artwork by Flatt.

Forced nudity means to remove all or a part of a person's clothing without their full and free consent. In other words, it is nudity that is forced on a person. The person can be either made to undress (strip) or can be undressed by another person. The nudity can be full or partial, frontal or not, public, semi-public, or in privacy.

Forced nudity as a punishment[edit]


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Artwork by zz135.

Forced nudity can be a form of punishment, especially in fiction. For example to punish a slave, servant or child, their "privilege of being (fully) dressed" can be revoked for some time. Nudity in a punitive context is usually rather humiliating and thus effective as a punishment. Besides, it can also be used to prepare a delinquent for corporal punishment such as a whipping or spanking.

Forced nudity is also sometimes used to increase the punishment of corner time. The delinquent is made to stand in the corner with his pants (and briefs) lowered or taken off, or if female, with her skirt raised (and panties lowered or taken off), so that his/her bare bottom is visible.

Today, forced nudity as a punishment for children is occasionally reported to the media and authorities as cases of child abuse. Examples:

Non-punitive forced nudity[edit]

Even in non-punitive contexts, such as a visit to a doctor or an inspection, forced nudity can be embarassing and is therefore an often fetishized situation.

A strip search is another variant of forced nudity that serves a purpose other than punishment, but can be fetishized nonetheless.

Forced nudity as an offense[edit]

If nudity is forced on another person without proper authority (e.g. as a schoolyard prank - see pantsing), or in an abusive manner (e.g. as a form of sexual abuse), it can also be a punishable offense or crime.

The erotic component[edit]

Forced nudity can have a strong erotic component, especially for BDSM lovers. Many BDSM videos, photos and illustrations depict some sort of forced nudity, emphasizing the humiliating aspect of it.

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