Spanking and food

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"Lady Termagant Flaybum going to give her step son a taste of her desert after dinner, a scene performed every day near Grosvenor Square, to the annoyance of the neighbourhood", etching by James Gillray (1786).


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"Tea for Two", artwork by Jay Em.

The topics of spanking and food have various connections.

Food-related metaphors for spanking (or the buttocks)[edit]

Many languages have food-related metaphors for spanking (or the buttocks). Here are some examples:

  • replacing the word "feel" by taste, such as "If you don't do that chore properly, I'll give you the stick to taste."
  • buns (for buttocks), hot/toasted buns (for a spanked bottom), hot cross buns (a type of Easter pastry) for a cane-marked bottom
  • a juicy butt (i.e. comparing it to a nice piece of meat), hindquarter (for buttocks), rump roast (for a spanked bottom)
  • Schinkenkloppen ("ham beating"), a regional colloquial German term for spanking
  • Steckensalat or Stocksalat ("stick salad"), an obsolete, colloquial German term for spanking[1]
  • Pfeffern ("peppering"), a German spanking-related Christmas tradition
  • Billenkoek, the Dutch word for spanking, literally "buttocks cake"
  • the layer cake method, a spanking technique
  • Bottoms up, a drink-related spanking phrase

Food punishment[edit]

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Cooking tools as spanking implements[edit]

Buttocks-shaped food[edit]

Q: What do you do when two pancakes merge to create buttocks? A: Of course, make a spankcake!

A couple of food items are available in the shape of buttocks, such as chocolates.

Spanking videos[edit]

Hot Buns Bakery (Pacific Force), the title being an obvious play on words, is a one-hour fetish video set in a cake shop. Two inept bakers (played by Amber and Bailey La Blue) are thoroughly spanked via hand and wooden spatula by the irate owner (Jacqueline Omerta).