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Flirting is a 1991 Australian coming of age comedy drama film written and directed by John Duigan. It is a sequel to The Year My Voice Broke (1987). The story revolves around a romance between two teenagers, and stars Noah Taylor.


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The film is set in Australia in the mid-1960s. Danny Embling (Noah Taylor), an awkward, underdeveloped 17-year-old, has been sent away by his parents to the all-male St. Albans boarding school in rural New South Wales, in the hopes he won’t become a delinquent. The year is 1965 and it has been some time since Danny has had any romantic relationship with a girl (his former love, Freya, left him at the end of The Year My Voice Broke). Danny is the butt of jokes because of his stutter and long nose (for which he is nicknamed "Bird"). His only friend is Gilbert.

At a school rugby game, he meets and slowly becomes interested in Thandiwe Adjewa (Thandie Newton), a Ugandan-Kenyan-British girl (Ugandan father and Kenyan-British mother) attending the all-girls Cirencester Ladies’ College across the lake, while her father, a political activist, is lecturing at university in Canberra. They later meet at a debate between the two schools, and covertly during a school dance. She is punished for leaving the dance without permission and is given chores by the prefect, Nicola Radcliffe (Nicole Kidman). Thandiwe is later befriended by Melissa (Kym Wilson) and Janet (Naomi Watts).

Throughout the course of the school year, they foster a budding romance, despite the overbearing regulations inflicted upon them - specifically racial politics and social conventions (Thandiwe is often regarded by the school authorities as rebellious and overtly sexual). After the performance of the musical, Danny introduces his parents to Thandiwe and her parents. They later decide to return to Uganda in response to the political turmoil there. Soon Thandiwe decides to return too, and lies about her true departure date, in order to spend the night in a motel with Danny. They are discovered, leading to his expulsion. Thandiwe writes him letters regularly from Uganda - until one day one arrives from Nairobi saying she is safe there.

The spanking scene[edit]

At the very start of the film, we see Danny in his boarding school. Several boys in pajamas and housecoats line up to be caned by their housemaster. The sound of the previous boy's caning is heard, then it is Danny's turn. He enters the office and is made to bend over (hands on knees). He receives six of the best with a rattan cane on the seat of his trousers (M/m).

Then we see how at night in the dormitory, by the light of flashlights, the boys who have been punished drop their pajama pants to show their marks to their mates.

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