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Tribute to Jacqueline, artwork by Flatt.

Flatt, also called Dct Flatt, is a contemporary French artist who does F/m art. His pictures are digital paintings based, it seems, in part on Poser renderings and in some cases on digitally edited photographic material. "Flatt" is probably a short form of "flattenedforgood", the artist's e-mail name; a reference to his liking for "pins".

The majority of Flatt's work shows dominant women kneeling over boys in various indoor or outdoor settings, overpowering them physically with their weight and strength and pinning them helplessly to the ground. Flatt also did some F/m spanking art. He often does series of pictures - sequential art, as it were, though not comics.

In May of 2003, Flatt launched a free website "Flatt's Erotic illustrations" with his "Flatt's Housewives in charge gallery" (no photos, for adults only). This site no longer exists.