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Two boys fighting in the bathtub

Fighting is a violent offense in which a disagreement between two or more persons escalates into hitting, punching, grappling, etc. Although other forms of conflict such as arguing are also called fighting, they do not constitute a legal offense. In a physical altercation, it usually doesn't matter who started the fight as all parties are generally chastised and/or punished equally. Among children, fighting is considered one of the most serious offenses.

Schoolyard fight[edit]

The phrase schoolyard fight refers not specifically to a location, but is characterized by a physical fight or scuffle between children resulting from some insult, disagreement, misunderstanding or act of bullying. Even guardians who believe in non-intervention in children's disputes draw the line if the fight escalates beyond what they consider acceptable in a schoolyard fracas.

Fighting and spanking[edit]

Fighting is an instinctive response to confrontation which socialization in civilized society tries to eliminate or at least minimize. Thus, some forms of fighting are considered a childish offense as opposed to the adult crimes of assault and battery. Tolerance of fighting among children varies with the age and cause of the disturbance, as well as the intervention policy or philosophy of the guardian or teacher involved.

The monopoly on violence principle allows for a legitimate authority figure to use force, including corporal punishment, in response to fighting to enforce the rules of social etiquette and demonstrate the consequences of bad behavior.

Spanking videos[edit]

A selection of fetish films in which fighting among young women results in corporal punishment at school or at home.

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