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Fetish Flixx is a British spanking pay site dedicated to M/F and F/F spanking videos. It is managed by Xerotics.

As of March 2021, the website's inventory contained some 224 titles. These are mainly reissued videos produced by Spank My Bottom and other U.K. companies. There are many vintage titles featuring popular retired performers Rosaleen Young and Niki Flynn. The rest of the movies appear to be unique to Fetish Flixx. The videos are of high image quality and range in length from short video clips of three minutes to 30-minute features. Their other spanking actresses include Catherine Corbett, Elizabeth Simpson, Ellie Maye and Emma Brewster.

The site's videos focus on "schoolgirl" punishment scenes, OTK hand-spankings, paddlings and canings.

Membership costs 27 Euros or $32.50 per month.

Selected video titles[edit]

  • Black and Blue / Black Pen - Rosaleen Young, photos, video
  • Camera Girl Photo Shoot - Rosaleen Young
  • Caned on Bare Cheek - Rosaleen Young
  • The Caning of Tara (Isis)
  • Cheerleader - Rosaleen Young
  • Failed to Follow the Rules, aka Not Taking That (CanedSchoolGirls), Rosaleen Young, video
  • Four Girls Spanked (aka Four School Girls in Trouble) - Niki Flynn
  • Just a Caning - Rosaleen Young
  • La Ballerina - Rosaleen Young, photos
  • Last Spanking - Rosaleen Young
  • Lifestyler - Rosaleen Young
  • Medics - Rosaleen Young
  • Music Room - Miss Hastings, Niki Flynn, music
  • No Escape - Rosaleen Young
  • Not Staying - Rosaleen Young
  • Not Taking That - Rosaleen Young
  • The Paddle and Then Bathtime - Rosaleen Young
  • Pillow Fights - Rosaleen Young, Niki Flynn
  • Pool Punishment / Exercise - Rosaleen Young
  • Private Bookcase - Rosaleen Young
  • Private Education - Miss Parker, Niki Flynn
  • Red, White & Blue - Rosaleen Young
  • Rosaleen Canes and Self Spank - Rosaleen Young
  • Rosaleen's Paddling - Rosaleen Young
  • Slipper Cane - Nikki Montford
  • Stable Caning - Rosaleen Young
  • White Slipper - Niki Flynn
  • Young Films - Phone Bill - Rosaleen Young

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