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Various forms of fetishism are about specific items of clothing and/or specific materials, such as latex.

A sexual fetish is a sexual fixation on or attraction to a specific inanimate object, or a particular part of a person's (usually a potential sexual partner's) body. More broadly, a fetish is a specific form of sexuality, or a specific sexual taste, which is perceived as being both intense and in-the-minority.

Some would limit the use of the term fetishism to cases in which a person cannot achieve sexual excitement, or perhaps cannot achieve sexual climax, except in connection with the fetish object. More recently, however, the term is often used for any strong sexual predilection. Fetishism can be an example of a paraphilia, which refers to sexual arousal in response to sexual objects or situations which may interfere with the capacity for reciprocal affectionate sexual activity. However, not all fetishes fit this model, nor are all paraphilias also fetishes.

The use of the term fetish implies that the situation is "not in the norm." For example, most people are sexually attracted by the genitals of at least one sex, or the female breast, therefore this is generally not considered a fetish. Some people refer to a sexual interest in spanking or BDSM as a fetish, when the interest may be far more basic, i.e., interest in the genitals, submission or the appearance of the naked buttocks.

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