Federal Protection

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Dina Meyer in two spanking scenes from Federal Protection.

Federal Protection (2002) is a crime drama directed by Anthony Hickox starring Armand Assante, Angela Featherstone, Dina Meyer, and David Lipper.


Armand Assante plays a former mobster living in seclusion in the suburbs next door to Angela Featherstone. Her sister (Dina Meyer) is having an affair with her husband (David Lipper) and both scheme to collect a million dollar reward from the Mob for revealing Assante's location.

Spanking scenes[edit]

Dina Meyer plays a sexy semi-masochist who asks her reluctant boyfriend to hand-smack her ass, demanding he hit her harder each time. After the fourth smack she says "Let's get a riding crop."

In a later scene, she assumes an on-all-fours position on a hotel bed dressed in a black dominatrix type outfit. Her ensemble includes long gloves, a leather slave collar with D-ring, dark makeup, and top-knot ponytail. Lipper gives her two hard cracks with a riding crop which make her cry out. Disappointed with the effect, she admits: "I don't like it as much as I thought I would." The scene is partly humorous as the characters are unsure of what they're doing wrong.

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