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Fatty Finn is a 1980 Australian film, directed by Maurice Murphy and starring Ben Oxenbould with Rebecca Rigg. It is based on the 1930s cartoon-strip character, Fatty Finn, created by Syd Nicholls and is loosely based on the 1927 silent film, The Kid Stakes.


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Set in inner-city Woolloomooloo in Sydney, New South Wales in 1930, the neighbourhood nice guys are led by Fatty (real name Hubert Finn), an ambitious 10 year old with an eye for making a quid. From shady frog jumping contests to a fixed goat race, Fatty uses his enterprise to raise enough money to buy a crystal set (radio without a separate power supply) that's worth seventeen shillings & sixpence (17/6), more than his Dad earns in a year. Bruiser Murphy the bully and his gang try to stop him. Fatty uses his brains against his enemies' brawn to eventually triumph.

The spanking scene[edit]

Bruiser disrupts the school lesson with his croaking frog while the teacher is writing something on the blackboard. The teacher has finally had enough and turns around to approach the naughty boy, flexing his cane. As he gets close, Fatty suddenly pierces Bruiser with his pen into his back. The frog jumps onto the teacher, who fades in terror. Later, we see the teacher caning Bruiser (M/m) while the class leaves school.

Further noteable scenes[edit]

Soon after, Fatty is being intercepted, and harrassed in a back street by Bruiser and his gang. They take revenge on Fatty by plunging him head first into a filled trash bin. Then, holding him in this position, they pull down his shorts and briefs and Bruiser uses his girl's lipstick to paint red lines on Fatty's bare bottom.

In the next scene we see Fatty at home, bruised and dirty. His friend, dressed as a nurse, treats the wounds on Fatty's arms and legs with a (probably vinegar or alcohol soaked) sponge that makes him wince painfully.

In a later scene, Bruiser and his gang are bathing nude. Fatty has now formed a counter-gang and they bombard the naked children in the water for revenge. They also take away all their clothes. We then see Bruiser who is making his way home, covering his nudity with a kind of tube-basket, being stopped by a policeman. For a brief moment his cover is dropped and we see his bare bottom. The policeman quickly pulls the cover back up. Another boy rips the awning from a shop to use it for cover. But the shop owner sees him. The boy has to let go of the awning and runs off naked, passing two ladies in the street.

Another minor spanking scene[edit]

In another scene, Fatty's mother discovers that he is begging for empty bottles. She considers it a shame, scolds him and gives him a hand-spank on his bottom (F/m).

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