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Jennifer Tilly in Fast Sofa (2001).

Fast Sofa (2001) is an offbeat independent film about an urban cowboy slob (Jake Busey) who gets mixed up with a ditzy porn star named Ginger, played by sexy Jennifer Tilly. The film, which boasts unlikable characters, a meandering story, and an unsatisfying ending, is watchable only for Tilly's semi-nude and punishment scenes.

We see clips from one of Ginger's porn films, Jailhouse Cock, which shows Tilly getting whacked on the ass once with a police baton. Later she playfully flops over Busey's knee for two hand-smacks and briefly exposes her huge breasts in an outdoor sex scene.

The spanking scene[edit]

Tilly is then punished for being unfaithful by her slimy pimp-like manager (Eric Roberts). In the on-all-fours position she is chained to an ottoman wearing a latex corset outfit and gagged with an unusual bit gag harness with elaborate leather straps. As Roberts and his cronies watch in amusement, another porn actress dressed in a schoolgirl costume gives her 30 lashes with a multi-tail flogger. A man then takes the whip and gives her two hard strokes. Roberts then comes over and applies three especially hard lashes.

A video clip of this scene is available on YouTube.

Jennifer Tilly made another independent film in 2001 called Dancing at the Blue Iguana where she plays a dominatrix and topless pole dancer.

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