Farewell My Concubine

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Farewell My Concubine (full movie, in Chinese).

Farewell My Concubine (original title 霸王別姬, transliterated Bàwáng Bié Jī, literally: "The Hegemon-King Bids Farewell to His Concubine") is a Chinese drama movie from 1993, directed by Chen Kaige. It is based on the 1985 novel of the same title by Lilian Lee.


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The story centers around a pair of actors, the younger Cheng Dieyi, nicknamed "Douzi" as a boy (Leslie Cheung) and the older Shitou, who gets the stage name Duan Xiaolou (Zhang Fengyi). They meet as orphan boys, in 1925, at the "All Luck and Happiness Academy", a brutally disciplinarian Peking Opera school. Corporal punishment in various forms is heavily used in this Dickensian institution by Master Guan Jinfa (Lu Qi) and his paddle-wielding subordinates.

Every boy ist trained in playing one specific role type of the Peking Opera. Dieyi's part is to play female roles (empresses, princesses, concubines) while Duan gets the lead male part (generals or kings). In the harsh school, the two boys become close friends and Duan becomes Dieyi's protector. Later, as young adults, they become famous for their joint interpretation of Chu-in Mei Lanfang's famous 1921 opera "Farewell My Concubine." Dieyi is homosexual and is obsessed with a lifelong adoration of his partner Duan. Duan eventually marries a woman, Juxian (Gong Li), and a dramatic triangle develops.

The spanking scenes[edit]

The film has a first M/m spanking scene at about 13:14. One of the Opera school's young boys is bent over a kind of high bench/birching horse and paddled with a theatre sword on his clothed buttocks, making him cry out in pain.

Another spanking scene is at about 24:50. A few years have passed. Two boys, Laizi and Douzi, run away, but then they watch a performance by an opera master that makes them return to the school. Their supervisor Shitou is paddled by Master Guan for allowing their escape, along with a group of about 20 other boys (M/mmmmmm...). All boys are laid lengthwise in the courtyard over benches for their spankings, with their trousers lowered for bare-bottom paddlings with theatre swords. Shitou gets up and tries to run away, but his Master comes after him, paddling him. Then Guan paddles Douzi (M/m), who willingly accepts his punishment, while the other boys are made to kneel and watch. While Douzi's paddling is going on, Laizi commits suicide by hanging himself.

A third spanking scene is shown at about 1:29:00. Dieyi and Duan are now adults and celebrated stars of the Peking Opera. They return to their school, where they submit to another paddling by Master Guan. Guan starts to paddle Dieyi, while both men are kneeling, but after a few swats, Duan rises to fetch a whole bucket of stage swords and a bench. A lady is being seated, so she can watch, and Master Guan commences to paddle Duan bare-bottomed over the bench (1:32:25, M/M). The lady says something that makes Guan stop. She speaks some more, and Duan gets angrily up, approaches her, and slaps her in the face (M/F). Duan goes back to kneel next to Dieyi and Guan gives him another sword whack.

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