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Negaduck spanks Sandy, spanking fan art by Mishi (2008).
Characters based the works of Aoyama Goushou. Ran is giving a bath time spanking to her, unofficially adopted, brother Conan with a bath brush. Drawn by Arkham-insanity. Coloured by Roguebfl.

Fan art (alternative spellings: fan-art, fanart) are works of visual art (usually drawings, illustrations, comics or manga) that show characters from well-known comics, manga, cartoons, anime, or movies and were created by fans who are amateur artists (or by artists who are unpaid for their fan creations), rather than by professional artists.

Fan art can be created by any artistic means: pencil, crayons, ink, watercolor, etc. Today, fan art is often digitally created or refined (e.g. digitally cleaned up and/or colorized) before it is published, e.g. in fanzines or on the Internet.

Manga or anime fan art is called doujinshi, which is a general term for self-published Japanese works. Note that not all doujinshi is fan art, though.

From a legal point of view, fan art is usually a violation of the original creator's copyright, but since it is usually intended as a tribute, the copyright holders tend to tolerate (and even encourage) it, though some artists will not tolerate fan art of their creations being sold for a profit.

Erotic fan art[edit]

While much fan art simply shows a character in a neutral (or typical) scene or setting, some fan artists enjoy making use of their unlimited artistic liberties - as no publisher is involved and the art can be published pseudonymously - by drawing things that would never be created by the companies who own the copyrights of the characters. These works of fan art often show erotic or pornographic scenes, hentai, homosexual scenes (gay or lesbian), fetish settings, BDSM art, etc.

Spanking fan art[edit]

For many examples of spanking fan art, see the galleries on Anime OTK or see the artwork of Barbossasdaughter here in the wiki.


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