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A fabric belt, also known as a cloth belt, is a belt that is made of fabric instead of leather, plastic, or other material. A wide kind of cloth belt is called a sash.

Fabric belts are worn in garments such as dresses and robes, e.g. bathrobes. Some fabric belts have a buckle while others are simply knotted. A strong type of fabric belt is the Japanese Obi, worn with kimono and keikogi (martial arts uniform) by both men and women.

Fabric belts are not suitable for spanking because they are too lightweight and not stiff enough. However since they are softer and more flexible than any other kind of belt or strap, they are well-suited for bondage.

Sewing tutorial[edit]

It is very simple to sew a fabric belt if you have a sewing machine. Here is a brief tutorial:

Cut a long rectangle of fabric and fold it to double (if the fabric has two different sides, inside out). Sew all around the edges, except for a short gap you leave at the approximate center of the belt, like this:

   |                                                                  |
   '------------------------------    --------------------------------'

Then turn the belt inside out through this gap with the help of the handle of a wooden spoon. (If it's too difficult, the gap is too narrow: undo some stitches and retry.) When you're done, don't worry about how to close the gap: you can simply leave it open - it will not affect the belt's function or strength, and nobody will see it unless they really look for it. Straighten the corners, iron the belt, and you are done.

A medium-strong quality of fabric will be perfectly sufficient to not tear when used for bondage.