Félicien Rops

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Félicien Rops

Félicien Rops (7 July 1833 - 23 August 1898) was a Belgian artist, and printmaker in etching, aquatint and other techniques. Rops was born in Namur in 1833, and was educated at the University of Brussels. Rops's forte was drawing more than painting in oils. He first won fame as a caricaturist.

Félicien Rops created artwork with sexual and erotic subject matter, as well as dark subjects such as death and satanism. He was the teacher of the Belgian artist Martin van Maële (1863? - 1926), who created illustrations for spanking novels in the beginning of the 20th century.

"The outrageous Mr Rops"[edit]

"The outrageous Mr Rops" is a film (56 minutes, undated) by Belgian filmmaker Thierry Zéno that (fictionally) portrays the life of Félicien Rops and 19th century morality.


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