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"The school exam", painting by Albert Anker (1862).

An examination is a close inspection, test, or assessment.

In education[edit]

Examinations are used in education, for example in schools and universities, to see whether the students have learned what they are supposed to have learned or not. School and university exams are often done in writing, traditionally in handwriting on paper, today sometimes on the computer. Similar tests are also held in professional certification, counseling, psychology, the military, and many other fields.

The measurement that is the goal of such an exam is called a test score, which will be in a certain range between two levels that are defined as highest and lowest. This score can then be mapped to grade points or other grouping schemas — different countries and school types have different systems for that. Test scores are interpreted with regards to a norm or criterion, or occasionally both.

Written examinations don't have a long history in Western culture. In Europe, traditionally school examinations were conducted orally. Students would have to answer questions posed by teachers in Latin, and teachers would grade them on their answers. The first written exams in Europe were held at Cambridge University, England in 1792 by professors who were paid a piece rate and realized that written exams would earn them more money.

Examinations and spanking[edit]

Cheating on an exam is a punishable offense that can result in a spanking at school, home, or both. In particularly strict settings, poor results on an exam can also result in discipline, the severity of which can vary from extra work all the way up to corporal punishment.

Spanking videos[edit]

Detention and caning for poor test scores; art by Julian Guile.
Still from amateur video Final Exam.

Schoolgirls with failing scores or caught in the act of cheating on their exams are common scenarios in corporal punishment films. See report card for more related video titles.

  • Alisha and the Maths Test: The Spanking (Domina Scarlet), Miss Scarlet, Alisha Williams, cheating, photos
  • Betty and Lori are Caned for Poor Test Scores (RealSpankings Institute, 2003), photos


Medical examination[edit]

Physical examination of aviation recruits, Washington, D.C. (1918).
Artwork by Underling, depicting the physical exam and paddling of an employee (2009).

A medical examination, also known as a physical examination or clinical examination, is the process by which a health care provider (e.g. doctor or nurse) investigates the body of a patient for signs of disease.

The patient often has to undress fully or partially for such an examination so their body can be properly inspected. Because of the embarrassment that can come with this scenario, such inspections can have an appeal to medical fetishists.

This is an issue addressed in multiple anime, such as Ouran High School Host Club where it creates a problem for a girl cross dressing as a boy being vulnerable to discovery by classmates.


Main article: Inspection

The condition (e.g. cleanness) of a place, object, body part, etc. can be examined to see whether it is satisfactory. Such examinations are popular scenarios in spanking fiction and roleplay because of the humiliation that comes with such an inspection in the first place, and the potential for punishment if the examination revealed poor work or inadequate cleanliness.

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