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Euticus is a contemporary spanking artist from Russia who creates M/m and F/m spanking drawings in pencil, crayons and in computer graphics.

Euticus's fictional artwork is often set in history, such as ancient Rome or Greece, or in Russian or medieval history. The spankees are often strapped down to a wooden bench in a state of full nudity or at least partial (below the waist) nudity. The preliminary instruments of punishment in Euticus's artworks are switches, birch-rods, canes, nettles, belts and whips. He often depicts boy group spanking scenes (2-5 boys).

Technically, the artist seems to use a 3D graphics software to pose the figures and items of furniture in a room, and then digitally paint over that template.

His signature is the capital letters R and B (it means his pseudonym - Richard Boynton) in Gothic font.

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