Esclaves modernes

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Illustration by Georges Topfer.

Esclaves modernes. La Traite et la flagellation des blanches dans le Sud-Afrique is a French spanking novel by Jean de Virgans, first published in 1910 by Librairie du Temple (Paris). It was also issued under the title Les Esclaves Modernes. Other editions, by Librairie Franco-Anglaise, date from 1920, 1921, 1922 and 1931. The novel was illustrated by Gaston Smit (Georges Topfer, frontispiece and 5 plates) and has 268/299 pages.

"Modern Slaves", as the title translates, is a fictional novel on white European women whipped and abused by natives in South Africa, a twist on the stereotype of white dominance and the colonial enslavement and maltreatment of blacks. It is an early example of interracial spanking literature.


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