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Heterosexual women and gay men often find athletic men erotic...
...whereas heterosexual men and lesbian women may prefer pictures such as this.

The adjective erotic means "sexually appealing". Erotic visual art, for example, is art that depicts men or women in clothing, poses, or situations that people find sexually appealing to see. Erotic literature is literature that people find erotic to read. Erotic works for viewing and/or reading are called erotica.

There is a difference between "erotic" and "pornographic", which is a much more explicit and sex-related category. Most erotic works are not pornographic.

Whatever counts as "erotic" or "not erotic" is of course a question of personal taste. For example, a heterosexual or bisexual woman or a gay or bisexual man may find a picture of a male bodybuilder in tight underwear erotic, while a heterosexual man may not.

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