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"La Soubrette Officieuse", engraving by Alexandre Chaponnier, after Jean-Frédéric Schall (18th century).
"Le Curieux" by Pierre-Antoine Baudouin (1723-1769).

Enema art is a term used to describe art with an enema theme.

Enemas are usually given for a curative purpose, but it is reported that because of their unpleasant and humiliating nature, enemas were sometimes also given to children as a form of punishment in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Like spanking art, enema art comes in all kinds of sub-categories. There is adult enema art, child enema art, etc.

Enemas and sexuality[edit]

Some people sexually enjoy giving or getting enemas, either for fetish pleasure (called klismaphilia) or for punishment in spanking and/or BDSM roleplay. It is not uncommon for BDSM studios to offer professional enema services. Therefore, it's not surprising that there also exists a genre of erotic enema art which is often combined with spanking art, BDSM art, and/or fetish art. Most people who have a fetish for enemas prefer a male dominant, and a female submissive. Historically, enemas have been given to mostly women for medical reasons, but also for the usage of drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, and peyote, though sexual enemas are mostly water/soap mixes.

Enema artists[edit]

While most spanking artists don't do enema art, for those artists and authors who include enema art and/or enema-related stories in their oeuvre, it was and is quite common to also do spanking art.

Examples of vintage enema artists include Jim Black, Fontana, Richard Hegemann, Eugene Reunier and Margit Gaál. Examples of contemporary enema artists include Miss Fran, german, Mr. Sand, and Waldo.

Desiree-LeMonye's Enema Digest is an adult magazine devoted to enemas, spanking, temperature taking and related themes.