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Electric Training Diapers only work when you wet the diapers. The wet area of the diapers becomes electrified to the degree that the shocks will wake and punish you. This is called negative reinforcement which is very effectively used with the older bed wetters.
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Electric training diapers are electrified diapers designed to discourage and punish bedwetting. When the diaper is used, the sensor detects the wetness and administers an electric shock to the wearer's genitals and buttocks. These diapers were developed for adolescent and adult bedwetters and are not recommended for use on children.

Electrodes and sensor[edit]

Electric training diapers consist of regular cloth or disposable diapers fitted with electrodes and a wetness sensor. These attachments should not be in direct contact with the skin but rather contained under the first layer or plastic backing of the diaper, and held in place with waterproof tape.

Power supply[edit]

Model 1[edit]

The diaper should be hooked up to an electric training diaper power supply unit. Model 1 of this unit was designed for clinical use, specifically long term electric shock treatments and to find the pain threshold of the bedwetter. Features of the Model 1 unit include:

  • A wet diaper alarm.
  • Variable shock pulse rate.
  • Variable shock intensity. Settings include simulation (pleasant tingling), training (uncomfortable), advanced training (painful), and punishment (unbearable).
  • Shock duration control. Setting include level 1 (2 seconds), level 2 (4 seconds), level 3 (10 seconds), level 4 (30 seconds), and level 5 (continuous random pulses).

The bedwetter has no control over the unit and it's settings. Level five can be very painful and usually results i the victim wetting themselves even more.

Model 2[edit]

Model 2 of the electric training diaper power supply unit was designed for clinical and home use. It includes a locking harness to prevent a bedwetter from removing their diaper without permission. Unlike the tabletop Model 1, Model 2 is a small box attached to the locking harness and is worn in the front of the body. It features a preset pulse rate (4 pules a second) and variable shock intensity, as well as an option for the bedwetter to switch off the shock via two buttons on either side of the Model 2.