El Manto Negro

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El Manto Negro is a spanking artist. He was born on the same day Star Wars was released, May 19th, 1977 in Xalapa city, capital of Veracruz state in Mexico. He graduated from college there in Computer Science.

Interested in spanking from an early age, the few outlets from his not-enjoyed teenage years came from occassional scenes in Japanese Anime. Always drawing since his childhood, he passed many boring classes in school sketching in notebooks. It was 1996 when he decided to take up drawing professionally.

The Internet[edit]

The internet played a big part of El Manto Negro's life, and it was only when he discovered Altvista translations that he was able to discover the searchwords for spanking in English language and start to find many more works of art than he had ever seen, including movies and clips of actual spankings.

The first artists he ever viewed and saw were The Spirit and Churchward who endlessly impressed him. Although the lack of spankings in an Anime style surprised him.

Early work[edit]

Most of El Manto Negro's first drawings were lost in a computer crash of 2000, but after that several new art styles were gone through in succession. Using 3dstudio he was able to practise using 3D art and Cel Shading with human bodies. 2002 saw him using his scanner exclusively for spanking drawings, the first electronic spanking art not appearing until 2004 when using Curious Labs Poser5. After purchasing a renderosity Anime skin for his models he was able to make a much more eye-pleasing anime model. The first publication of these 3D artworks were on Veralsi's MSN group and later on Oshiritataki.

Later and current works[edit]

Returning to hand drawing, scanning and computer colourisation after publication on MSN groups, El Manto Negro continued with this style after MSN groups withdrew their adult services and he moved to Anime Brats, Anime Spanking Archive and finally to Anime OTK.

His bold coloured artstyle can also bee seen on Palcomix, he has a forum on The Artastic Forum (see link below), which is a part of the Underground Animations site.

El Manto Negro also runs the infrequent El Manto Negro Art Competitions (allegedly prompted by prodding from RobM) in which an uncoloured lineart drawing is made and the aim of the competition is to colour the pictures, add a background, text, speech and create a theme before they are put to a public vote.

In 2003, El Manto Negro returned to college, this time to study art where he has both male and female nude models to practise from. It's a five year course and he is on-track to graduate in 2008.

In his Art, El Manto Negro will never draw genitalia in his art to the point of changing perspective or omission. He prefers the bottom uncovered and not obscured by hands or furnishings in a drawing.

El Manto Negro takes requests but will never accept money or commissions — he prefers his freedom and to keep his own art free.