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An e-book (or ebook) is a book or book-length text stored or distributed in electronic form.

Formats and types[edit]

An e-book may be a plain ASCII text file, or it may be in a format which provides formatting such as boldface and italic characters, different fonts, page layout, and even illustrations. The rich-text format (RTF) is often used for e-books, as is the PDF format. While some e-books are distributed in open formats, many e-books are distributed in formats that are subject to Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems, particularly when the e-book is being sold commercially. These are usually intended to be read on dedicated e-book readers.

The term e-text is sometimes used for a text that is distributed like an e-book, but which does not seem to fit the usual concept of a book for some reason.

Spanking e-books[edit]

Many spanking stories are distributed online, via the World Wide Web, or via newsgroups or other access methods. These could be considered to be e-books, but the term is rarely used except for those texts which are sold on a commercial basis.

Olympia Press has many English spanking novels as e-books. French vintage spanking novel classics are available as e-books at Eros-Thanatos. Blushing Books offers a line of contemporary novels; Fetish Nostalgia reprints vintage books and magazines. Amazon.com, one of the largest online retailers of books, movies, and music, has an extensive inventory of erotic and mainstream e-books.

Examples of e-book novels:

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