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The Science Test

Drooaygah is an American spanking artist. He has been doing spanking art for more than thirty years (as of 2016), but until he became a web person in the mid-90's, he believed he was the only one. He was quite pleasantly surprised when he discovered others shared his strange hobby.



Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #166
FF/ff spanking drawing by Drooaygah.

Drooaygah's work is primarily about juveniles and is often in the form of comic book stories. He has said on several occasions that in his spanking drawings, his identification is entirely with the juvenile protagonist: "that kid getting spanked is always ME." This is true even in the case of his most frequent character, Cynthia Kim, a young Asian-American girl. He occasionally does X/m scenarios as well.

He views his artwork as a way for him to experience the fantasy of being a youngster getting a spanking, and this is why he most often uses the comic book format - it allows him to experience more of the entire scenario of being spanked - the spanking itself and the buildup and aftermath.

Drooaygah had been lurking around online communities such as alt.sex.spanking and soc.sexuality.spanking for a decade before he began posting artwork in 2003. Very little of his earlier work (pre-21st century) survives. Drooaygah has cited as his primary inspirations American comic book artists of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Among spanking artists he feels closest thematically and technically to Ron Wilson, 3mfd, and Ann.

Drooaygah's work has primarily circulated privately. Several pieces have appeared on the Handprints site, Anime Brats (now defunct) and Anime OTK. In June 2009, Anime OTK deleted some of Drooaygah's artwork from the site, and when this happened again in September 2009, Drooaygah decided to leave the site that he had previously supported, as his artwork was apparently no longer welcome there.

Since 2023, some of Drooaygah's art is also shared under a copyleft license on this wiki.

What I learned from comic book artists is exaggeration. My stuff is exaggerated, even when it looks "realistic." It's never realistic. I exaggerate proportions, I exaggerate expressions, poses – hands are raised extra high, legs kicking, faces really distorted. It's action. Just like in the comics – when Captain America would punch someone, he wouldn't just give `em a poke in the face, they'd be knocked across the page. So a lot of that ACTION is something I try to get into my drawings.
  — Drooaygah, 2008

Cynthia Kim[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #150
Cynthia spanked by her dad (M/f), with mom watching.

Drooaygah created the girl spankee character Cynthia Kim and used her in several independent stories, drawings, comics and graphic novels, such as The Ultimate Sanction (2008).


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