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Pandora Blake, portrait by Jameslovebirch.

Dreams of Spanking is a spanking video producer created by UK spanking actress and model Pandora Blake, and its associated spanking pay site which was launched in December 2011. Blake is sole owner, however integral to the site are real life boyfriends D and Thomas Cameron and close friends Adele Haze, Nimue Allen and AJ Levi.

The site features spanking videos, stills, photo sets, audio stories, "behind the scenes" footage, interviews, cast member biographies and a regularly updated blog. As of 2/2014, a 30 day non-recurring membership costs £20 and a 30 day recurring membership costs £20 for the first 30 days, followed by payments of £15 each month.

Style and content[edit]

The company's website describes its products as "high-quality, aesthetically beautiful spanking films, photo galleries and audio stories which please the senses and excite the imagination."

Their videos and audio stories feature mostly traditional English punishment scenarios ranging in severity from sensual spanking to severe caning. The storylines cover a broad range from historical costume dramas to fantasies involving the supernatural and contemporary stories about romance, dominance, and submission.

Gender pairings include F/F, M/F, F/M and M/M. Some titles combine two or three pairings in the same story.

Subversive Spanking Porn (2021) is a 90-minute documentary about the history of the company and the fetish industry (photos).

Fair Trade Spanking[edit]

Dreams of Spanking has taken an ethical, feminist approach to kink. Blake is keen for consumers to pay for their porn and isn't shy about saying so. At the same time she holds the interests of her performers as paramount and male and female performers are paid equally. As director and editor, Blake likes to focus as much on the men as the women in her videos and consequently she says that the site has succeeded in attracting a large number of female members.

Darker Dreams[edit]

In December 2012, Dreams of Spanking released The Final Test, a consensual right of passage story featuring German performers Kaelah and Ludwig, in which Kaelah receives 50 hard cane strokes. Although site members were impressed, their payment processor objected to the scene as being too extreme. They also took issue with the sword play in the historical video The Avenger's Return (in which Amelia Jane Rutherford is spanked with a fencing sword) and the photoset The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken, even though some of the swords in question were made of rubber. Rather than re-edit the scenes, Blake chose to remove those titles. In June 2013, she launched the sister web site Darker Dreams where the videos and photosets (plus behind the scenes videos) are available for free.

Blake's message to members at the Darker Dreams site:

At the request of our billing agent I have unfortunately been obliged to delete some films and photogalleries from Dreams of Spanking on the grounds that they were too extreme. I therefore decided to take the step of bypassing the credit card processors and releasing the deleted scenes for free in their entirety. Darker Dreams is where you can view and download those censored scenes.

ATVOD censorship in the UK[edit]

Since 2010, the Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD) has been imposing increasingly strict regulations on adult content distributed online via streaming and other downloading services. This applies to all adult-related websites based in the UK. Depictions of full bondage and "Sadomasochistic material which goes beyond trifling and transient infliction of injury" is now banned in UK porn.

One response was the creation of Backlash an umbrella organization providing academic, legal and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression. Beginning with Adele's Sponsored Caning (Adele Haze), Dreams of Spanking has created a series of ten free M/F, F/F and femdom protest videos sponsored by Backlash. These depict severe, welt-inducing canings (25 to 50 strokes) in defiance of the "transient and trifling" content rule. Pandora Blake also participated by enduring 50 cane strokes in Pandora's Sponsored Caning. The entire series is available for free viewing and downloading at the company website.

Blake also appears in the short documentary film Kink (2019), about the censorship of fetish-related content in the U.K. (trailer).

Censorship update and site shutdown[edit]

In mid-2015 the ATVOD ruled that the Dreams of Spanking company was in breach of its regulations. As a result, the website was forced to take down all spanking-related videos and photos. Pandora Blake appealed the ATVOD's decision, won the case, and the site was restored in 2016. The company continues to produce new material but at a much slower pace than before.

In December 2014 British producer Triple A Spanking was sold and transferred to SG Group in the U.S. owned by actress/producer Sarah Gregory (Sarah Gregory Spanking).

Another British spanking video producer, Bars and Stripes, has transferred ownership of the company to Real Life Spankings in Amsterdam, a producer known for its Spanked-in-Uniform series.

Cast and Crew[edit]

Together with Thomas Cameron and Nimue Allen, Blake alternates between the role of camera operator and performer. Other performers to date are Adele Haze, Alex Reynolds, Alexander Knight, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sarah Gregory, Erica Scott, Andrew Shada, Caroline Grey, D, Dana Kane, Fatface, Hywel Phillips, Jerry Diamond, Jimmy Holloway, Irelynn Logeen, John Beecroft, Kaelah, Leia-Ann Woods, Lola Marie, Ludwig, Malignus, Michael Darling, Mila Kohl, Molly Malone, Paul Kennedy, Richard Barton, Sebastian Hawley, Ten Amorette, Vincent Brennan, Vix Vixxen, Will Savage, Zille Defeu and Zoe Montana.

Spanking videos[edit]

Trailer for Mrs Smith's Method (2017) with Amelia Jane Rutherford.
  • Pandora's Birthday Strapping - Pandora Blake
  • Pandora's Sponsored Caning - photos
  • The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken (2012), Adele Haze, Pandora Blake
  • Portfolio of Pain (Leia Ann Woods)
  • Potions - Harry Potter-inspired fantasy, photos
  • The Prefect's Revenge
  • Primae Noctis (F/M), Adele Haze
  • Provocative Housework (2014), Lola Marie, kitchen, photos
  • Psychic Weapon 'C' - Pandora Blake
  • Quarantined (2022), set in 1918, photos
  • Queueing For The Cane - Pandora Blake, Rosie Bower, Mistress Lorraine, Faerie Willow, vaulting-buck (photos)
  • The Scholarship Girl (2014), Pandora Blake, Lola Marie, Victorian era, photos
  • School Days - Pandora Blake
  • Schoolgirl Bondage Domination (2022), Pandora Blake bound to old-style desk, photos
  • The Secret in the Wardrobe - Adele Haze
  • The Secret to Success - Adele Haze
  • The Sixth Former's Bargain (2022), student Nicky Montford requests a caning in place of detention, photos
  • The Sleepover - Pandora Blake, Alex Reynolds
  • The Smugglers of the Running Fox - Adele Haze
  • Sorority Hazing - Pandora Blake, Eryn Rose, Faerie Willow, fraternity and sorority spanking, photos
  • Spanked by Stepmother
  • The Spanking Rep (2017), Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Caroline Grey
  • Surprised in the Garden - Pandora Blake
  • Taking the Blame - Pandora Blake
  • A Taste of Her Belt - Adele Haze

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