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The Three Graces, drawing by Raphael Sanzio (circa 1517).

Drawing is the process of creating a two-dimensional visual artwork by applying pigment on a flat surface such as paper. The pigment can be dry (e.g. pencils, chalk, charcoal, crayons) or liquid (e.g. ink). The resulting work is also known as a drawing.

In contrast to painting, the pigment is not individually mixed before it is used. So when an artist uses a brush and ink on paper, it is drawing, but when he or she uses a brush and watercolor on paper, it is painting.

Drawing can be from real life scenes and models, or from imagination. Drawing is often said to be the mother of all visual arts, from painting to architecture and sculpture. Drawing is also the basic technique needed to create animation.

While an artist who paints is known as a painter, an artist who draws is seldom called a drawer because of the homonymous meaning of the word. Instead, artists who create drawings are sometimes called illustrators, draftsmen, or graphic artists.

Figure drawing[edit]

The art of drawing the human figure is called figure drawing. It is one of the essential skills for drawing spanking art -- see spanking in drawing.

Computer graphics[edit]

Time lapse speed painting in Photoshop.
3 hours of work, 5 minutes to watch it.

Today drawing can also be done partly or completely digitally on a computer, using graphics software (e.g. Photoshop) and a pointing device such as a mouse or a graphics tablet.

When color is used in computer graphics, it is debatable whether the technique should be called "drawing" or "painting".

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